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Allen Brothers Construction provides a wide range of services for homeowners and their projects, including house raises and build-under renovation projects throughout inner Brisbane. With over 29 years of experience, you can rest assured that choosing Allen Brother Construction for your next project will result in a beautiful, raised home. 


When it comes to growing families, you may find that you start to run out of space in your home. Extending upwards, instead of outwards, means that you can give your family more room but keep the yard more or less the same size. In doing so, you can also increase the value of your property, especially in Brisbane, where large homes with decent yard areas, are in demand.


Another benefit of raising a house is the minimised risk of flood damage. Brisbane is somewhat prone to flooding. Having measures in place, such as lifting your home above the flood level, is a great way of avoiding the possible damage. You can check the flood level requirements through the local council. 


Heritage-listed homes are amongst the most popular to receive the house raise treatment. These iconic homes have rules and regulations regarding renovations, which includes keeping the homes’ original appearance, therefore raising instead of fully renovating a house can prove to be the best option.

We look forward to meeting with you to help you plan, renovate and ultimately raise your home to new heights. Our experienced team can also help you manage your house raise designs and engineering to ensure the process is smooth from the start and the project meets your budget expectations.

To view one of our most recent House raise and build under projects, Click HERE


Contact Us About House Raise and Build Under Projects.

If you are looking for a builder that can take the stress out of your next house raise renovation in Brisbane or surrounds, then contact Allen Brothers Constructions today. 


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