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Our recently completed Hawthorne Siblings project 101 has been featured with ASH

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) is a privately owned Australian timber mill and manufacturer. Established over 30 years ago, ASH has grown to become one of the largest hardwood mills in Australia; and Australia's largest hardwood timber manufacturer.

The Hawthorne Siblings are a set of compact dwellings located in the inner city of Brisbane. The modern homes highlight a new, innovative way to design that responds to urban density through updated town-planning policies and clever architecture. With an emphasis on connecting with the outdoor landscape and streetscape, a combination of rich textures, natural light and an open living space quite literally ‘invites the outside in’.

Victorian Ash was used as is it an Australian species hardwood. The light colours, softness, warmth and consistency complimented the projects restrained palette exceptionally well. We knew the timber and flooring was going to be straight, easy to cut, stain and build with allowing the carpenters to execute the precise detailing we expect of our architecture.

View the full Article Here of these luxury custom homes.

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Stair void Project101

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