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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

New custom family home

Are you considering building your custom dream home or embarking on a major renovation project, but feeling apprehensive due to the many stories you've heard about the stressful nature of the process?

The good news is, there are steps you can take to not only make your home-building or renovation experience enjoyable but also to keep the project within your budget and on schedule.

At Allen Brothers Construction, we believe that the key to a successful construction project is a collaborative team of professionals working together from the initial stages of design.

However, we often see clients working with a designer outside of our builder network for up to 18 months without approaching us to discuss buildability and cost-effectiveness.

By engaging your builder early and having them work alongside the designer and client, your project can not only stay within budget but also commence on-site up to 25% earlier.

This is because involving the builder from the beginning allows them to provide valuable input on cost-saving options, which can help prevent the need to revisit pricing after the initial design phase.

At Allen Brothers Construction, we prioritise open and honest communication with our clients regarding budgets and total project costs during the design stage. When we are involved at this early stage, we offer a fully transparent costing with our "open book approach."

Unfortunately, it's common for builders to not break down costs and only offer one-page documents as the "quote." However, our project proposals are comprehensive, 30-40 page documents that outline every inclusion. We believe this level of documentation is essential in custom homes and major renovations.

By providing such detailed project proposals, we give our clients assurance that everything has been included. Additionally, these documents serve as our manual when it comes time to build the home, ensuring that nothing is missed or overlooked during the construction process.

Custom home Builder Brisbane

Building your own custom home is an exciting journey that involves making crucial decisions from the initial drawings to moving in. We understand the importance of each decision you make and the need to be involved in every aspect of the building process.

That's why we offer you a secure online portal within our job management software, where you can access all the details of your new home. With this platform, you can track the construction process with photos, view the build schedule, approve changes, and access important documents such as building approvals, plans and schedules, and all relevant documentation.

Our team is available to communicate with you through the online messaging system. This convenient feature lets you stay connected with us whether you are at home, at work, or on vacation. At Allen Brothers Construction, we prioritise transparency, collaboration, and communication, and our project management system is just one of the ways we achieve these goals.

"We chose Allen Brothers Construction along with our Architect and it has been the best decision we could have made. Before the build, we were told that we will only ever build one house, because of the stress. I wish I had the money to build another with these guys - nil stress and the quality is exceptional. Communication was spot on as was their punctuality, they delivered the finished product on time and on budget - we couldn't be happier. 12 months on and they are still in contact with us to ensure there are no issues. Allen Brothers Construction isn't only builders, they are genuine blokes who have pride in their work, the true professionals"

Garth Hicks

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