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Allen Brothers Construction

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Allen Brothers Construction is a Brisbane family business co-founded by brothers Kurt and Fraser Allen. 

We’re proud to be local builders and our unique approach is grounded in:

• Our foundations of over 29 years of combined experience across Brisbane and surrounding regions.

• Our genuine, down to earth business philosophy of honesty, integrity and trust.

• Delivering superior workmanship using only the highest quality materials, fittings and fixtures. 

• Building homes that stand the test of time through Queensland’s harsh elements.

We don’t mass-produce homes. Instead, we limit the number of projects per year to guarantee our exceptional standard of workmanship and private builder accessibility. Our team and a core group of trusted tradesmen deliver the highest quality work to ensure our superior build standards across every home.

Kurt Allen


Kurt is a Registered Builder, Licensed Supervisor and Licensed Carpenter. Kurt learnt his trade building custom designed homes and renovations across Brisbane. Prior to establishing Allen Brothers Construction, Kurt both supervised and built a number of large prestige homes with Brisbane’s most renowned builders. 


Day to day Kurt manages the job process and supervisors all on-site procedures. He also works closely with architects during the design process and is on-site each day.

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Fraser Allen


Fraser is a Registered Builder, Licensed Supervisor and Licensed Carpenter. Fraser has worked on large prestige homes and major renovations both within Australia and overseas gaining experience in different building methods to suit all climates.


Day to day Fraser is the numbers man, managing the quoting, accounts and administration. However, Fraser is still very hands-on with the building process and you’ll often see him on-site with his tool belt on.

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