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 Coorparoo Builder

PROJECT 101- Hawthorne Siblings
LOCATION: Hawthorne, Brisbane
TIMELINE: 2020-2021
Architect: Refresh Design
SCOPE: 2 x Identical new build Architectural homes


"We decided to develop a block in Hawthorne, which we have sub diveded and and split. We engaged  Architects Refresh design, to plan for 2 x mirror image homes, and we were really grateful that they aligned us with Allen Brothers Construction.

From the moment we met Fraser and Kurt, there professionalism really came through, even just in those early days and early discussions.

We were really impressed with the amount of detail that went into the initial proposal, it gave us a lot of confidence moving forward with Allen Brothers Construction, knowing that the same work ethic would carry through the job, right through to the end.

The architect worked with us to design some incredible features of this intricate home, and we had the confidence to work with Allen Brothers construction to deliver those, a bit to life the vision that we had.

Having seen how bad a build can go from previous experiences, to then come to this one, makes us appreciate  Allen Brothers even more, and makes us want to recommend them to anyone who is considering building.

-Tash Vella

SCBPHOTO_Hawthorne Twins_015.jpg
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